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‘Nea Sinasos’ Association

The formal outfit of Sinasos women

The women of Sinasos did not dance in public spaces, but only during private feasts in their homes and always accompanied by their fathers or husbands. During these feasts or other formal functions and celebrations, they would wear their ‘special’ outfit, their version of formal wear. It was made of felt, velvet or other fabrics, depending on the woman’s social and economic status, it was always handmade, hand-embroidered and usually in a solid colour. It took a lot of time and considerable effort and expense to construct these outfits, made either in Sinasos or in Constantinople, where many Sinasos residents worked.

In Ocotber 1924, the women of Sinasos brought their traditional outfits with them, along with the hope that they would be worn on special occasions in the future. The outfits held great material and sentimental value for the women, as they were associated with important and joyous family events. Their descendants donated the outfits to the ‘Nea Sinasos’ Association Museum where they are still kept to this day.