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‘Nea Sinasos’ Association

The everyday outfit of Sinasos women

Jackets and vests with bright colours and intricate patterns, solid colour skirts, white shirts, aprons, belts and head scarves are the main components of the everyday wear of Sinasos women. Age, marital and economic status were all factors determining the colours, patterns and, naturally, the quality of the fabric of each individual, handmade, traditional outfit.

In October 1924, the women of Sinasos brought their traditional outfits with them to Greece, as they considered them highly valuable both from a material and a sentimental standpoint. Some women even wore them during their first years in Greece before they were ‘hidden’ in closets for years, to eventually be donated, usually by descendants, to the ‘Nea Sinasos’ Association Museum where they are still kept to this day.